Golnar Shahyar (vocals, percussion)golnar

Born on 1985 in Tehran/Iran is an Iranian vocalist and songwriter.
She started her first musical training by playing piano at the age of 11. At 16 she moved with her family to Canada, started her studied in biology and graduated with B.Sc. degree at York University in
Toronto. Not so long before her graduation, she realized music is her only passion. In her next move she chose Vienna to pursue her dream of becoming a musician.
Currently a student of jazz singing in University for music and performing arts in Vienna, Golnar is becoming a promising member of jazz and world music scene in Austria and Europe. In her singing and compositions she always integrates her Iranian roots at the same time creates a new and fresh sound. Since 2010 she is one the leading members of her projects Choub, Sormeh and Gabbeh.


mahanMahan Mirarab (guitar, fretless guitar, setar)

Mahan Mirarab Born on 13 July,1983 in Tehran, guitar player and composer. As as a guitar and fretless guitar player & as well as a band leader he is since 2006 an important member of the european jazz/worldmusic scene and is currently living in vienna. The main idea   of playing fretless guitar is on the one hand the difference between persian and classic scales, because of existence of quarter tones in persian music which makes it possible to be played by F.Guitar, and on the other hand  it  derived from  his  intention  to  find  an appropriate and sufficient instrument that can accurately describe and express  iranian identity in his musical character. Colllaborations & Projects: Vahag Hayrapetian, ABRANG QUARTET, Choub, Persian Side of Jazz, …




Shayan Fathi (drums, percussion)shayan

Born in 1985 in Teheran/Iran, Shayan Fathi began playing drums/percussion at age 10 in Austria, where he quickly created a skillful playing and got a major member in the music scene. Mostly influenced by Latin-American music, he started studying Jazz Drums at the Conservatory of Vienna at the age of 16. Several times from 2001-2003 he won prizes, such as scholarship for the Drummer’s Collective New York, at Austrian/German/Swiss Drum Contests. At 28, Shayan is an accomplished musician and is currently living in Madrid working as a drummer/percussionist and composer. His career achievements to date include more than 60 cd recordings. He is grateful and thrilled to have been asked to record and play for a variety of artists across the spectrum.